Updating the nrc s

01-Jun-2017 21:20

The CCBFC 1995-2000 Strategic Plan addressed this need by identifying opportunities to improve the code development system in several significant ways.

Two key initiatives were subsequently undertaken, one to establish a coordinated provincial/territorial/national code development system, the other to convert the national model codes into objective-based codes.

The NECB and the NFBC are examples of such non-core documents.

The Canadian Commission on Building and Fire Codes (CCBFC), an independent committee of volunteers established by the National Research Council of Canada (NRC), is responsible for developing and updating Codes Canada publications.

, responsibility for building regulation in Canada rests with the provinces and territories.

This responsibility was generally delegated to municipalities, which, not surprisingly, resulted in a multiplicity of regulations being developed over time as each municipality tried to deal with its own needs.

On behalf of the CCBFC, NRC publishes five model codes, in English and in French, which must be adopted by a regulatory authority in order to come into effect.

In some cases, the Codes are amended and/or supplemented to suit regional needs, and then published as provincial codes. The National Building Code of Canada (NBC) addresses the design and construction of new buildings and the substantial renovation of existing buildings.Issues falling outside the scope of the core codes are dealt with in separate documents published by that province or territory.

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