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Council disappointed with decision09 October 2017Roads: St Johns Lane They were told that any parking restrictions on the Ash Road junction would require KCC agreement and will need to be funded.

Council decided 6 votes to 3 to fund it themselves if no grant money forthcoming.09 October 2017Roads: Castle Hill Following complaints about unsuitable vehicles using Castle Hill, council to get quotes for "unsuitable for large vehicle" signs at either end.

A proposal to use Community Infrastructure Levy money to pay for the Lych Gate was withdrawn.

They agreed on the design of and regulations for the new garden of remembrance.

Residents to be asked if they want to join a lorry watch scheme.07 November 2017 Elections: Boundary Review Council unhappy with Hartley being moved to Gravesend constituency, claiming Hartley had few links with Gravesend.

Council also agreed to quotation by Sebias Cleaning of £2,374 to clean the pavilion (for one year? They also needed to pay South East Plumbers £150 to clear a blocked drain.09 October 2017Amenities: Manor Field Marshalls, the maker of the collapsable bollard said the problems with it had been caused by a "rogue key" not obtained from them.18 December 2017 Roads: Wellfield Cllr Brazier informed the meeting that the yellow lines would be in place within 3 months.He hoped they would not be moving the problem further down the road which doesn't have a problem at present.18 December 2017 Transport: Buses Cllr Brazier said it was an own goal to publish the list of buses affected before it was discussed.Mr Mayer pointed out this does not meet the statutory criteria.07 November 2017 Northfield: Since last meeting committee has spent £2,000 on hedge cutting, £560 on visual inspections, £161 on emptying dog bins, £450 on grass cutting in play area, and £303 on other various works.

They only need a contribution of £10 from each council in 2018/19.They decided (1) to replace damaged stile at Ash Road entrance with a metal kissing gate; (2) Buy 3 new dog bins for Church Road, Black Lion and Caling Croft due to increase in fouling; (3) Invite Bumble Bee Conservation Trust to advise on improving the environment for nature; (4) Conduct a tree risk assessment for £795; (5) Get quotations to deal with ragwort.

It will serve as the Canelo Alvarez-Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. Although Saunders won a debatable decision, he looked awful.… continue reading »

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