Radioactive carbon dating in palentology dating for autistic people

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Dinosaur extinction is still a major enigma of earth history.In this review article, extinctions in the geological record will be briefly mentioned.Nests, eggs, and babies are a challenge to a Flood model, but there are enough unknowns associated with the data that solid conclusions are difficult to draw.The part that impacts and volcanism play in a Flood paradigm will be briefly discussed.Dinosaurs have been unearthed on every continent, including Antarctica.These high latitude discoveries have initiated many questions on whether dinosaurs were endotherms, ectotherms, or some combination in between; whether they migrated towards lower latitudes to avoid winter cold and darkness; or if they actually lived at these polar locations all year round.

The cause poses a difficult question for which no ready answer is apparent.’Worldwide distribution of the 199 sites where dinosaur eggs have been found. The fragile eggs were easily broken and then dissolved in groundwater.

Many of the imaginative theories for the extinction of the dinosaurs will also be presented.

Within the uniformitarian paradigm, the meteorite impact theory, once considered ‘outrageous’, now is the dominant theory.

Polar dinosaurs have greatly perplexed uniformitarian scientists, as exemplified in the following comment by Michael Benton: ‘Should we now imagine dinosaurs as thermally insulated warm-blooded animals that ploughed through snowdrifts and scraped the ice off the ground to find food?

’ These rocks are probably within marine sandstone, so according to the uniformitarian paradigm the nests are automatically said to have been laid at the seashore.Most of those that were fossilised go unrecognised by the untrained eye.

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