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17-Sep-2017 12:32

He had worked at his parents’ Point Reyes cattle ranch, where he grew up, and felt that the state already had plenty of great ranchers; what was missing was a direct connection to local tables.

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After all, it was supposed to be a work meeting, and they had only just met. So they parted that fateful first meeting as friends.He was a pioneer in the local movement, as the first, for example, to sell pasture-raised eggs in the Bay Area.But his chief operating officer, Danny Kramer, told him that Herminjard had done her research and would be worth meeting.He called them, and sure enough, “they all just stampeded over to us, coughing and farting and burping and all the stuff that cows do,” he says.

Herminjard was charmed as the bovines circled around them.After they talked for about 20 minutes, Evans popped the question: “So, do you want to see my cows?

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