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The chart displays both the total sales amount for each type of cookie using data labels as well as the relative value each slice represents of the total company sales for the year.The chart also emphasizes lemon cookie sales by exploding that piece of the pie chart out from the others.Rotating the chart on the Y axis will pull the face of the chart down so that it is easier to read the data labels on the pie slices at the top of the chart.With the Changing the size and type of font used in the chart, will not only be an improvement over the default font used in the chart, but it will also make it easier to read the category names and data values in the chart.Following that, click on the right part of the chart and try again., which contains most of the formatting options available for charts.In Excel 2013, when activated, the pane appears on the right-hand side of the Excel screen as shown in the image above.Currently, it is located beneath the chart title, and dragging it out while in this location will have it bumping into the title.

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Unlike most other charts, pie charts contain only one data series, and this series cannot contain negative or zero (0) values.The easiest way to select the entire chart is to click in the top left or right corner away from the chart title.If a mistake is made, it can be quickly corrected using Excel's undo feature to undo the mistake.Excel, like all of Microsoft Office programs, uses theme.

If you use another theme while following this tutorial, the colors listed in the tutorial steps may not be available in the theme you are using.

If not, just choose colors to your liking as substitutes and carry on.