Invalidating query cache entries key magento Free fat grannies dating perth w a

10-Jul-2017 14:20

I committed a branch that removes keys while expiring them to ensure they don't get orphaned.

There is also the possibility of using a lua script to do the save and reduce the round-trips but currently the list of tags can be compressed so that would cause an issue. ) In our case (a config with about ~ 100 shops), on production the config was always created by one process and right after deleted by an other one (sometimes this took hours).. A side effect was also that the tag list didn't contained all config tags after that.

I just hope that WATCH is implemented by phpredis now...

:-) EDIT: it does The whole purpose of fetching the $old Tags is simply to reduce redundant SADD commands.

The problem is that the issue is almost impossible to reproduce on demand and I just stumble over it accidentally.

invalidating query cache entries key magento-85

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I already made an experimental WATCH implementation; I think I will check it on my development server, give it a shot on my production server if all seems well and finally send a pull request if there are no apparent issues.I hope you see my point and I am not missing something, but this is quite critical if there can be no kind of lock while doing all this.

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