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) 7 Out on the Run (Talking aint enough) 4.05 8 Dont give up (Rainmaker) 4.09 9 Long Gone (Fair Warning) 10 Generation Jedi (Brothers Keeper) 11 Dont keep me waiting (Brothers Keeper) 12 Still I believe (Talking aint enough) 13 Heart on the Run (Four) 14 Here comes the Heartache (Aura) 15 Ill be there (GO! ) CD 2 1 Rock`n`Roll ( Previously Unreleased) 2 A little more love (Live in Japan) 3 Come on (Go) 4 The Heart of Summer (Rainmaker) 5 Angel of dawn (Live at home) 6 The Call of the heart (Live in Japan) 7 Rain Song (Live at Home) 8 Like a Rock (Live and More) 9 Out of the night ( Live and More) 10 Meant to be (Live and More) 11 Dont count on me (Aura) 12 Just another perfect Day (Aura) 13 Light in the dark (Single Track) 14 Man on the Moon (Live and More) 15 Childrens Eyes (Single Track) More than five years after their last album "Four", the German Melodic Hard Rock sensations FAIR WARNING are back with their reunion album Brothers Keeper to be released on Frontiers Records in Europe on August 25th 2006. Fronted by BR lead guitarist & vocalist Greg Fraser with help from his partner in crime BR bassist Stevie Skreebs and rounded out by powerhouse drummer Phil Epp. TRACKLISTING: CD 1 1 Burning Heart (Talking aint enough) 2 Save Me (GO! ) 4 Longing for love ( Fair Warning) 5 When Love fails (Fair Warning) 3.39 6 Angels of Heaven (GO! Before long, the band was touring throughout the world entertaining sold out concerts, and carving their niche in Rock history. You will get double-bass rocking your ear drums, guitars blazing and powerful vocals. And another tune featured guest appearances by veterans such as Steinar Krokstad/drums (ex-Stage Dolls/Vagabond), Morty Black/bass (ex TNT/Vagabond), Dag Stokke/keyboards (TNT/Vagabond), Tore Moren/guitar (Jorn/Rain/Carnivora), Steinar Hagen/acoustic guitar (Return) and Tony Harnell/background vocals (ex-TNT/Starbreaker/Westworld). Each member was given free reign to expand on the songs, and each contributed their own touch to the songs. This time, Fergie collaborated with Italian producer Alessandro Del Vecchio and with the help of his songwriting, along with contributions from such musicians as Bruce Gaitsch (Richard Marx) and Robert Sall (Work of Art, W. T.) on guitars among others, Fergie put his mark on another true Melodic Rock gem of an album! If you are a fan of any of the aforementioned artists I highly recommend this artist for your listening pleasure. Like so many other bands they ran into some "trouble"..broke up (in August 2009)... Track Listing/Features: Mass Psychosis When The Beginning Meets the End Swoing Dead Seeds As the Field of Dreams Was Abandoned The Conqueror Worm Prelude to the Fair She Moved Through the Fair The Wild Swans at Coole On Endless Planes of Ignorance Two members of Gotthard; namely singer Steve Lee (RIP) and guitarist Leo Leoni appear on this album, which got released in 1988 and which was nearly impossible to find for a reasonable price for many years. Musically, this is absolutely nothing like Gotthard. Some special surprises are also included such as the superb duet with Issa and a brand new version of Toto's classic song 'Angel Don't Cry', originally included on the Isolation album.

And the band's latest effort, Aura, marks no exception. Another highlight is '98 In The Shade', a real moody number which finishes the album off in style. He has not only changed the line-up of his backing band, he has also hired production guru Dennis Ward (Pink Cream 69) instead of Chris von Rohr (Krokus), which had produced �2012�. Digipak: 1 - Running Back 2 - Shout 3 - Can't Take It 4 - No Tears In Heaven 5 - Ballhog Zone 6 - Run Boy Run 7 - Thunder Of Madness 8 - License To Kill 9 - Stone Cold 10 - Dead Or Alive 11 - Run For Cover 12 - I Want It All Bonustrack fr Digipak: 13 - You Don't Know Fraze Gang 2 is a follow-up thats considerably heavier than what some people are expecting.

This band will make it with the popularity of Avenged Sevenfold. Track Listing Enter Nucleon Melotronical A Taste of Paradise Protonic Stream Into Oblivion Obsessical Back to Sleep Whispering Eyes Subatomic Tears Dimension Crusher Echoes from Earth Something Calling Me Reprogramming Second album from the transylvanian band with 8 prog/power metal songs for fans of Dream Theather and Psychotic Waltz 1. The band signed with Kivel Records (US) in the fall/winter of 2007, and their debut album were released about a year later. Shortly after a few songs had been written, Crooks recruited guitarist Matt Johnsen (PHARAOH) and John Macaluso (ex-YNGWIE MALMSTEEN,ex-TNT,ex-ARK) to fill the drum spot. The final piece of the puzzle fell into place when Crooks called Nick van Dyk (REDEMPTION) to play keyboards for the project. 2013 album from the AOR/Melodic Rock vocalist best known for his work with Toto.

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