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Complementary and alternative medicine in otolaryngology. Ultimate Reality and Meaning, v.25, n.2, p , Disponível em: Acesso: 10 out AZEVEDO, A.

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Pharmacokinetics, metabolism, and pharmaceutics of drugs of abuse.

Riles,1 1Physics Department, University of Michigan Published in Progress in Particle & Nuclear Physics 68 Lecture Notes Course Shallow Water Gravity Waves Deep Water Gravity Waves (cont.) 5: Internal Gravity Waves (PDF - 1.5 MB) REVIEW ARTICLE Laser interferometry for the detection of gravitational waves Jim Hough and Sheila Rowan Department of Physics and Astronomy, This book deals with all aspects of gravitational-wave physics, both theoretical and experimental.

Structure elucidation of natural products by mass spectrometry: alkaloids. (Holden-Day series in physical techniques in chemistry). Convertion of quebrachamine to aspidospermidine and the absolute configuration of 7-ethil-5- deethylaspidospermidine.

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Disponível em: Acesso em: 22 dez BANERJI, A.; MAJUMDER, P. Occurrence of geissoschizine and other minor biogenetically related alkaloids in Rhazya stricta.

Manual Merck de informação médica: saúde para a família.

University of California Botanical Garden: Economic Botany.

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