Essex webster bank

15-Jun-2017 13:39

Also if anyone can tell me memories that have been passed down generations to them from relatives who may have worked on the estate that would be of great help.A great mystery of Bank Hall is what happened to the peacock fireplace surround from one of the upper bedrooms as this was removed before the deterioration.Yesterday I took the opportunity to drive from Southport through Banks and onto Hundred End.I have not been to Hundred End for at least fourty years. If my memory is correct the father's name was Jack, the wife's name was Betty, the daughter was Sheila and the son's name was Alan.There is only one submission from Tarleton/Hesketh Bank. I attach a copy of the relevant page from the book.

I wonder if anyone else has a photograph which includes 36?It was quite nostalgic seeing No 1 Hundred End Cottage, the semi-detached bungalow on Hundred End Lane, because I became friends with the Marsden family who owned it at that time. I know Sheila moved away as I made contact with her through a bookshop she was working at which was a surprise.

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