Dating services run background checks online free dating sites nzz

07-Jul-2017 11:19

You can use a background check to get information about a company or institution you are thinking of dealing with, although you may have to do some digging of your own to get information beyond the products and services that said company offers.

It should be noted that cases of wrongful arrest and mistaken identity can muddy the waters somewhat.

Just about every company out there will perform this type of check before offering a job to a candidate.

The background check may be performed to see if the information you have listed on your resume is indeed accurate, as well as to check and see if you have any kind of criminal record.

Of course for general background information the best place to start is on Google you can find out first if there is any information online.

Then it is best to check the social networks to get more detailed information today Linkedin and Facebook contain a lot of information about most of their members.

We have gathered a wealth of free public records information and free resources to help you with your searches.

A free background check will only exist if you are willing to do the research yourself.