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A current printed catalog of all my available manuals will be included with your order."PLEASE NOTE THERE ARE NO MORE PRINTED CATALOGS AS OF THE DATE OF JOHN'S DEATH 2/22/2011 AND I AM SELLING FROM EXISTING INVENTORY ONLY FOR PERSONAL REASONS CRAIG CAMERA WILL BE CLOSED FROM SEPTEMBER 29, 2017 THROUGH NOVEMBER 20, 2017. If you have any problems with any of the links below, or any comments or suggestions for improvement, please let me know. S/Kyoritsu, Crown, Croydon, Cullmann, Curtis (Color), Cybes Brands include Da-Lite, Dacor, Dacora, Davis & Sanford, Daylab, Debonair, De Jur, Delta, Demitron, De Mornay Budd, Detrola, De Vry, Diana, Diax, Diramic, Ditto, Dormitzer, Dorn, Dot Line, Dover, Drem, Drew, Du Kane, Durex, Durst, DXG, Dynalite, Eastar, Eaton, Ebner, Echo, Eclair, Eho, Eiki, Elite, Elmo, Elwood, Emdeko, EMP, Entre, Epson, Etalon, Etchadine, Eumig, EWA, Excel.

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I WILL ANSWER E-MAILS DURING THAT TIME BUT WILL NOT PROCESS ORDERS. I will accept your orderes by e-mail or snail mail at the following addresses: Hon.PLEASE NOTE: I HAVE LOCATED MOST OF ITEMS NUMBERED #90000 THROUGH 90245.